Although the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month of October has come to a close, it is not too late for corporate counsel and risk managers to be thinking about cyber-risk insurance — an increasingly essential tool in the enterprise risk management toolkit. But a prospective policyholder purchasing cyber insurance for the first time may be hard put to understand what coverage the insurer is selling and whether that coverage is a proper fit for its own risk profile. With little standardization among cyber policies’ wordings, confusing labels for their covered perils, and little interpretive guidance from case law to date, a cyber insurance buyer trying to evaluate a new proposed policy may hardly know where to focus first.

After pursuing coverage for historically major cyber breaches and analyzing scores of cyber insurance forms over the past 15 years, we suggest the following issues as a starting point for any cyber policy review:
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Late last month, a federal district court in Texas enjoined the Texas Medical Board from implementing a rule that would have significantly curbed the use of telemedicine in the state. The decision is a major victory for telehealth proponents in Texas.
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* Gabriel Kohan is a summer associate and student at Harvard Law School.        

States are continuing to debate the role telehealth services should play in the health care system. Thus far in 2015, several States have enacted parity laws requiring that certain telehealth services be reimbursed to the same extent as in-person services. While on the whole more states are moving toward parity and encouraging or requiring reimbursement for telemedicine, that trend is not universal, and many of the States with parity laws only extend parity to telehealth services that meet certain conditions.Continue Reading Several States Enact Telehealth Parity Laws in 2015

Last week, as part of our Life Sciences Essentials series, Covington hosted a webinar discussion of issues facing life sciences companies as they increasingly utilize cloud services to collect, aggregate, store and process data. The webinar is available here, and the slides can be viewed here.

Panelists and topics included:

With open enrollment fast approaching, the Obama administration is planning several changes to to ease enrollment in insurance plans and avoid last year’s problems, when the site crashed upon launch.  These changes include:

  •  A 16-screen application, reduced from 76 screens in the 2014 enrollment;
  • The addition of a “back button” that will allow enrollees