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Franka Felsner

Franka Felsner helps companies that are active in the pharmaceutical, biotech or medical devices industry implement their business ventures and strategic transactions.

Franka’s commercial practice is broad and she advises clients in the early stages of R&D all the way through to commercialisation of their life sciences assets. She has a particular focus on supply chain arrangements, and commercial transactions involving government entities and public health bodies, as well as transactions with a UK, German or European law element.

Franka also represents pro-bono clients seeking to regularise their immigration status in the UK.

Reflecting evidence from 280 witnesses from the government, academia and industry, and nine months of investigation, the UK House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence published its report “AI in the UK: ready, willing and able?” on April 16, 2018 (the Report). The Report considers the future of AI in the UK, from perceived opportunities to risks and challenges. In addition to scoping the legal and regulatory landscape, the Report considers the role of AI in a social and economic context, and proposes a set of ethical guidelines. This blog post sets out those ethical guidelines and summarises some of the key features of the Report.
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