Photo of Chase Brennick

Chase Brennick

Chase Brennick focuses on complex commercial transactions involving technology, intellectual property and data. She represents clients in a variety of industries, including animal health, agri-tech, commercial aviation, life sciences, entertainment, and sports.

Chase drafts and negotiates agreements relating to sales and distribution, data commercialization, research and development, marketing, customer loyalty programs, IP licensing, monetization of royalty streams, software development, and other services. Chase also regularly advises on the intellectual property aspects of mergers, acquisitions, and strategic investments.

Software development can teach us a lot about streamlining the research and development (R&D) process in other industries.  “Agile development”, or the process of dividing up an R&D project into smaller, more iterative segments instead of planning the entire project at its inception, is a hallmark of the software development process.  In a recently published