Software development can teach us a lot about streamlining the research and development (R&D) process in other industries.  “Agile development”, or the process of dividing up an R&D project into smaller, more iterative segments instead of planning the entire project at its inception, is a hallmark of the software development process.  In a recently published article in Food and Beverage Insider entitled “The ‘Agile’ Path to Market: An Alternative Approach to Food Industry R&D”, Nigel Howard and Chase Brennick show how agile development can be valuable for R&D in many different contexts.   The article focuses on the suitability of agile development for R&D within the food industry, but illustrates the benefits of an agile R&D process for industries that are subject to evolving consumer preferences and rapidly changing regulatory landscapes – characteristics that are also present for companies in the digital-health space.  As described in the article, agile development could be a powerful tool to help digital health companies make their R&D more nimble and maintain greater oversight of the development process on a near-real-time basis.